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Chicago Divorce Emergency: Quick Action Necessary

In divorce emergencies, parties may have to act quickly. This is particularly true with child custody matters.

Consider the situation encountered by one local Chicago divorce lawyer. About a month ago, he received a very distressing telephone call from a mother in child custody dispute. She was in an absolute panic. “They’re going to take away my two girls,” she said.

She tried her best to explain her situation between bursts of tears. The mother told the Chicago divorce lawyer that she was going through a divorce, and there was a temporary order that allowed the children to stay with the father every other weekend. She explained that the parties were in court all morning. There was clear evidence that the father was abusing the children. However, the mother had failed to take the right “legal” steps to bring the abuse to the judge’s attention.

The father had hired an attorney and the mother did not. And that morning they were in court to see if the mother would go to jail for disobeying a court order by keeping the children from the father. The mother had a good reason to keep the girls away from their father. But now, she was in hot water – even though she wanted to protect her children. She was facing jail time if she didn’t comply – but it was the father who should be in jail.

The Chicago divorce lawyer talked to the mother around 1:00 p.m. She said the judge ordered her to turn over the children to the father, by 1:30 p.m, and she wanted the lawyer to intervene on her behalf. But the courthouse was 45 minutes away, without traffic. There was no way he could have made it.

If you are in an Illinois child custody dispute, it may very well be in your best interest to consult a Chicago divorce lawyer. While you understandably don’t want to waste money on at attorney, as the case just described shows, you could be setting yourself up for a major problem.