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Who is the Best Chicago Divorce Lawyer?

Many people want to know who is the best Chicago divorce lawyer. But the question is misguided. The Chicago divorce lawyer who is best for one person, may not be best for you. Choosing the best divorce lawyer is really about getting the best fit for yourself. In fact, I get a lot of calls from people who think they got it right the first time, only to call me later. You might consider the following ideas when trying to find the best divorce lawyer in Chicago.

  • Cost: Lawyers don’t like to talk about cost, but it’s important. If you get a lawyer that is too expensive for you, you’ll face the consequences. At the least, you will spend more money than you have to. Or worse, you will run out of the funds required to sufficiently protect your rights to your children and your property.
  • Personality fit: You need a lawyer that fits you, and your situation. Consider this, you are going to be telling your Chicago divorce lawyer intimate details of your life, and he or she will be advising you on making decisions that could impact the rest of your life. If you are unable to communicate with your Chicago divorce lawyer, you’re case won’t go as well as it could.
  • Strategic thinking: The best Chicago divorce lawyers are strategic thinkers – they are not simply tacticians who mechanically file the same papers for you as they do for everyone else. Unfortunately, a candid discussion among experienced divorce attorneys will reveal that there is a major problem with divorce lawyers who seem barely competent to practice law – let alone impact future generations of Chicago families. When you go to a first meeting with a lawyer, the lawyer should give you some idea of the best way to handle the issues you are facing.
  • Referral: You can easily find a Chicago divorce lawyer by referral. However, you should give substantial though to the source of the referral.

Being referred to a Chicago divorce lawyer by someone who is a friend of the lawyer is not always a great bet – the referral could be based primarily on friendship, not qualifications. If you are referred to a Chicago divorce lawyer by one of that lawyer’s former clients, inquire of the person referring you as to what their case involved. If the person giving you the referral had a case that is dissimilar to yours, a referral to that person’s lawyer will not provide much information about that lawyer’s skill at handling your case.

The bottom line is that when choosing the best Chicago divorce lawyer for you, you’ll need to considering your specific situation, are carefully weigh your options. Divorce and child custody cases are complicated, and can impact the rest of your life.